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More than receiving awards I love to give them. I love it when people sign my guestbook asking me to visit their site or emailing me their application. It is a true blessing to see how many of you are testifying to the world of our LORD and SAVIOR. So here is where you will apply for the awards I have to present.

These awards that are here at this time are for outstanding websites. There will be more awards later that have less strick guidelines so please be patient and come back again if your site does not qualify at this time or you can add anything to your site that you need and then apply.

Guidlines for these awards.

1.) You must be a Christian.
2.) Your site shows that you walk with Jesus Christ.
3.) It MUST have both a personal testimony page and a Salvation page.
4.) Your site must be family oriented.
5.) Good HTML (I will be viewing source).
6.) A good scheme (colors & graphics go together).
7.) Christian links.
8.) YUP, you MUST sign the 'ol guestbook. I will be checking my guestbook to see if you're there!!!! If I don't see your name there I cannot give you the award. I have 3 websites and 2 of them have awards. There is no way of knowing which award you are applying for if you have not signed the guestbook. Sorry
9.) I have 3 websites that offer awards but only 1 email address, so you MUST tell me what website you are applying from.
10.) Now after you read that long explaination and I do not find you in the guestbook then I will not respond to email requesting an award.

If you have or know of a site meeting the above criteria, simply send me an email with the following information:
Site Title
Email address
Brief description and the reason why you think the site deserves an award.

Winners will be notified by Email

Choose One!


This award was made for me by a friend - Dave.
Please visit his site: Daveshearth


Web Page Excellence

These awards cannot be applied for. I travel around the internet viewing Christian websites and those that are exceptional in beauty, content, and above all glorify the Lord will receive one of these awards.

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