The Final Hour

He walked through the raging crowd,
a crown of thorns He wore.
People mocked and spit on Him,
His royalty they did ignore.

He hung on a slab of wood,
listening to their words of shame.
They laughed as He grew weary,
and cursed His holy, precious name.

He could have called His angels,
and showed them His power.
But He knew that He must die
at that dark and gloomy hour.

Now think of those you know,
who may have caused you pain.
Are you still bitter and angry,
Do those feelings still remain?

Put away bitterness and anger,
forgive those people in your heart.
Christ forgives us over and over,
and gives us a brand new start.

When you feel hurt by someone
remember the day Christ had died.
If He held grudges like we do,
our eternal life would be denied.

Forgive them without an end,
no matter what they may do.
Love them with the same love,
that Christ has shown unto you.

~ Susan M. Swann ~

Softly and Tenderly
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