I dreamt the Lord came and stood at my bed;
A crown of thorns surrounded His head.
He said, "Oh my child, I love you so much",
He reached out, and I felt the warmth of His touch.
I said, "Lord tell me how much You love me";
He reached out His hand so the nail prints I'd see.
He said, "Look back in time two thousand years",
To my mind came a vision washed with tears;
I saw Him hang on a cruel Roman tree,
On a hill that was called Mount Calvary.
From His hands and His feet, the blood ran down,
It trickled too, from His thorny crown.
I heard His voice both strong and true,
He said, "This my child, was all for you."
I bowed my head, and felt His pain,
His suffering for my eternal gain.

And when I awoke, at my bed I knelt,
Deeply moved by all I'd felt.
I heard Him say, "As this was for you,
Will you forever to Me be true?"
I must never forget the worth of the Cross,
For each one in danger of eternal loss;
The blood that flowed from His riven side,
That day on Calvary when the Saviour died,
Still cleanses from all sin and shame,
For He in His body took our blame.
As He loved us then, so He loves us now,
Though we cannot grasp just why - or how.
He said, "Greater love hath no man than this",
Could any, such wondrous love dismiss?
We can but take this Christ to our heart,
And determine, never from Him to part.

Author Unknown

Softly and Tenderly
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