Praise the Lord this Easter morning for all that He has done,
Take the time to remember, how the battle, for our soul was won.
God knew man would not be able to save himself from sin,
Without God's redeeming plan, we could never win.
God sent His Son Jesus, to die upon the cross,
Calvary was the only way, for God to save the lost.

The day of crucifixion should burn clearly in our mind,
Oh! how the Saviour suffered to redeem all mankind.
He was badly beaten in such a dreadful way,
His skin was laid wide open, as they kept striking Him that day.
When they mocked and spate upon Him, He never looked away,
He stood and said not a word to save Himself that day.
They pressed a crown of thorns deep into His head,
And made Him carry a heavy cross on His back,
They had ripped to shreds.

He was hung upon the cross, with nails thru His hands and feet,
And even tho death was near, He showed His love,
When He promised eternity to a thief.
They took a sword and pierced His side to make sure that He was dead,

The pierced side, fulfilling what the scripture had said.
The blood that poured from His ripped flesh and pierced side,
Is the blood that redeems us in His Father's eyes.
The strips that laid open the skin upon His back,
Allows for our healing, Isaiah 53 states that.

Are we worthy of this Mans blood? Are we worthy of God's only Son?
No! not one can say,"Jesus need not have died for me in that way."
God's love for mankind showed clear on that day,
As He turned from His Son, and the angels stayed away.
Jesus was laid in a tomb, that was sealed,
And God's plan for man was later revealed.
For on the third day, the stone was rolled away,
Our Saviour resurrected then is alive today.
Praise the Lord! For He sits at the Father's right side,
Interceding for us, so with Him will abide.

Our salvation was paid for that day on the cross,
If we all turn to Jesus, not one will be lost.
Our sins are forgiven, Praise God for His Son,
For on that Resurrection morning, God's battle was won.

By Frances Armstrong

Softly and Tenderly
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