I Stand Tall

I Stand with all my might
and still I seem to fall. I try to walk before I even crawl.
Oh it seems I'm like a child in need again.
A helpless heart.
A broken person.

Strength is something that's so very hard to find.
But still I know that true faith must be blind.
So I sacrifice my heart to God in prayer.
Lay my weakness down and I'll find You there.

I can stand tall On my knees
I can see forever On my knees
I can face it all... I feel like I can climb a mountain because
on my knees the world's a little smaller
And I stand taller On my knees

See a man, in a garden long ago,
kneeling alone,
as the weight of sins unseen and lives unknown
came to rest upon His weary shoulders.
He knew my name.
He took my pain,

There's a peace that shadows anything I've known.
I lay down every burden And I am free...

From Roni Dee

How Great Thou Art
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